How To: Connected Scatterplot Using Set Actions with Tableau

11/09/2018 Matt Chambers 0 Comments

With set actions in Tableau, we are free to create all sorts of new UI/UX interactions.  This one is once again inspired by Rody Zakovich's amazing post on custom UI/UX.  With set actions it is very easy to implement a connected scatterplot on hover, and I'll walk you through how to build it.

In this example, I want to see profit vs sales with each year connected in the scatterplot.  To begin, we will build a simple scatterplot where each year's profit and sales are represented by category:

Next, we need to create a set for our categories:

Now we will create the calculations that will drive the connected line on hover through the set action.

Then we will drag both of these measures in and create a dual axis on both.

We will also need to synchronize the axes:

Make sure you change the Category Profit and Sales to a line and put the Year on the Path:

Finally, we will setup the set action to create the connected scatterplot on hover.

That's all there is to it.  You should now have a scatterplot that connects the points on hover.  Feel free to download the workbook and comment with any questions.


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