The Money Fight: Mayweather vs McGregor

8/28/2017 Matt Chambers 0 Comments

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Like most Americans, I bought into the hype of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.  This fight paired a legendary boxer against a champion MMA fighter, so I was very curious to see the outcome.  Going into the fight, I had no idea if McGregor would be knocked out in the first few rounds or somehow land a knockout on Mayweather.  This was definitely the most unpredictable fight I have seen.

McGregor had a strong start as Mayweather played it cautious taking and landing far less punches.  McGregor ultimately threw 110 more punches than Mayweather, which most likely contributed to his fatigue we saw in later rounds.  By Round 6, Mayweather had closed the gap in punches landed, and as McGregor continued to fatigue, we saw Mayweather unleash in Round 9.

In Round 9, Mayweather landed 42 punches, the most of any round, against only 10 for McGregor.  This was the pivotal round where Mayweather began to dominate the fight.  In the 10th Round, Mayweather landed 20 punches to McGregor's 4 before ultimately scoring the TKO.


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