How To: Conditional Viz in Tooltip Selector with Tableau

1/11/2018 Matt Chambers 4 Comments

When Tableau releases a new version, it's always fun to play around and see what kind of new hacks are possible.  In a previous post, I showed how to dynamically swap sheets based on dashboard actions, but I figured some of these techniques could be used to conditionally swap vizzes within tooltips as well.  I'm not exactly sure the practical application for this, but I at least wanted to share that it's possible.

First, we need to create a boolean that tells us whether or not our chart has one item selected or not.  This is the condition that I want to use to change the viz in the tooltip.  In this case, I am detecting whether only one category is listed:

Next, I create a case statement to evaluate the filter and dynamically change the sheet tags so I can display the Bar Subcategory when only one category is selected and the scatter plot when all categories are shown:

Drag the calculation to the tooltip:

Finally, to drive the action, I create a dashboard action to self-filter:

That's all there is to it; leave a question with any comments.

UPDATE: Looks like this isn't working on Tableau Public currently.


  1. I was able to get this to work on Tableau Public by having the parameter trigger a Boolean filter that returns no results vs all results for each sheet. It seems to hurt speed on the server though.

    1. Thanks for the fix. If you change the boolean to just true instead of adding the count calc does it speed it up? That's what I did. It's a bit slower when selecting the parameter the first time but not bad after that.

  2. Hi Matt awesome article. However i had a question, how do hide a certain text in a Tableau tooltip when i select "All" in filters? Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Matt, is it possible to navigate users from tooltip viz, i.e clickable so that users could navigate to detail level of information in another sheet/dashboard.