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10/30/2018 Matt Chambers 0 Comments

Click for interactive version

For a while now, I've wanted to create a visualization that would show how many championships each city has won in the 4 major sports leagues (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA.) Originally, I wanted to do this using coxcomb charts, but I had seen a few visualizations from Kevin FlerlageNeil Richards, and Ivett Alexa, and it inspired me to create petal charts.

In this visualization, each city's sports league is represented by a petal; the size of the petal indicates number of championships.  Clicking on the petal for the overall view in the top right highlights all championships within that league:

Hovering over a petal shows the breakdown of teams within the league:

It was interesting to see that out of the major cities only Boston, Chicago, LA, and New York had won a championship in all 4 major sports leagues.  New York has the most total championships with 48 followed by Boston, which just picked up another World Series, with 37.

Feel free to download the workbook to see how this was created.



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