How To: Density Maps in Tableau

5/20/2016 Matt Chambers 1 Comments

I saw an article on density maps in Excel written by John Nelson, and I really liked the effect of showing the density of tornados without representing entire states.  Looking at John's tutorial, all you really need to do is round the latitude and longitude.  This is dead simple to do in Tableau.  Let's see how it's done.

1. Create calculated fields for the rounded latitude and longitude.

2. Drag the rounded latitude and longitude on to the rows and columns shelves.  Make sure that both are continuous dimensions. Set the mark to square and the size in the middle.

3. Drag the dimension you need to the color shelf and turn off gridlines.  Hide both headers as well.

4. Finally, bring the worksheet into the dashboard and size appropriately.  I used 1050 by 550 to get the sizing I liked.

That's it!  Feel free to comment with questions or download the workbook.

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